Business Transparency

Consulting Package 1: "Create business transparency"

Creat business transparency with our get ready program which is mandatory in combination with each bundle: within a 2 days conceptual training about the value, the “dos and don'ts in process management” we help clients and partners to define their internal business process management engagements. This initial workshop is dedicated to managers and responsible persons dedicated to process management, change management, lean management, quality management and CIO’s/IT-Managers. Learn how “process management” can add measurable value to your organization.

Furthermore this package delivers a hands-on training for the software (3 days) “how to work with” which includes:

  • technical aspects (which also includes the installation and setup)
  • explanation software (features and functions)
  • training on the job: modeling of 1 example core process

The result

The team and management understand how to document business processes including all his side effects, structures and how to work a consistent process landscape. With a successful participation of the get ready program the dedicated team is ready to create a corporate business process model. A consistent and data based model represents the foundation to shape the future with miscellaneous improvements of the operational and organisational sturcture and to increase productivity.

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