Your Benefits

What are the benefits of our software solution?

  • Native Microsoft Visio GUI (Product of the MS Office Family)
  • Arbitrary methods & notations with templates for BPMN, EPC, RACI, Swimlanes, etc…, as well as scalable validation
  • Multi-language & multi-user capable with flexible repository (DB)
  • Role based user access rights and approval management
  • Configuration of automatically applied linking rules for objects (N:M) and grapical interpretion of “drag&drop” modelled diagrams
  • easy administration, just little customizing & training necessary
  • Selective publishing (data & diagrams) into Word, PowerPoint or Webportals, permanent synchron with Sharepoint (MOSS), bidirectional Import-Export with Excel
  • Import of Visio Diagrams and of Active Directory Data
  • Support for Riskmanagement
  • Com-API (Application Programming Interface) to connect with data sources
  • Integration of the process models in Dynamics AX / NAV / CRM
  • Single Sign On, LAN-Deployment, Named-/Concurrent-/Serverlicensing
  • Query Builder which allows the analysis of all N-dimensional relations in a model, as well as support with a link matrix and object explorer

What are the benefits for our Customers & Consulting Partners?

  • Cost saving and productive solution

    • 20% of the project costs (reduced project cycle time)
    • 80% of the necessary functionality (powerful)
    • 20% of the complexity of other tools (easy to use)

  • Higher quality in consulting and acceptance with the end users
  • Optimized steering/control of consulting partners in project (GU)
  • Efficient and professional project documentation on demand
  • Reduced project risk, redundancy-free models in the same data base
  • Transparency of processes / organsiational structures & IT
  • Reuse premodeled templates (Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM, COBIT / ITIL, etc.)
  • Helps saving cost/time of communication in international project
  • Automated re-documentation of implemented reference model
  • SharePoint integration for the useage of documents-check-IN/OUT