The core module is a flexible modeling tool for Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). You can perform all BMP/EAM related tasks with it: modeling, analyzing, modifying and evaluating organization structures, operational processes and the corresponding IT operations.

Templates and frameworks (see own menu) for process modeling are made available by means of the modeling methods EPC, Catalyst, BPMN20, EAM and RACI. The most unique feature of our software is its flexibility. It enables you to set up and implement your own modeling methods either instead of, or besides using the included ones.

The components of the core module provide different kinds of Microsoft Visio-based access options for viewing or modifying data or for setting up data structures:

  • The Database Designer offers a Visio-based perspective to view, allocate, define or modify the data structures of all models saved in the database. "Visio-based" means that it is possible to manage and manipulate the data structures stored in the SQL Server while working within a comfortable and familiar Visio environment. The Database Designer also enables you to set up a comprehensive authentication and access control system including different user types.

  • The Database (also called "repository") has its own Visio-integrated access to data and diagrams in the database. The structures in the database are redundancy free, because data elements that have been previously created may be inherited on as many diagrams as needed on different levels of the hierarchical database structure. The database is designed for the Microsoft SQL Server and is executable in multi-user mode. The parameter values of the models can be defined in any number of languages.

  • The Grapical Visio Modeler is the “paint-brush“ of the core module on the basis of Microsoft Visio’s graphical user interface, supplemented by additional functions. The Graphical Visio Modeler is an easy-to-use but very powerful tool. User defined linking rules enable you to represent even the most complex business structures with complex dependencies between their elements by plain and straightforward models.
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