Software: Extensions


The Extensions are separately priced modules. They can be added to the Core ( Core) or to the Core supplemented by one or both of the two additional modules for CobiT/ITIL, for Dynamics AX and for Dynamics NAV. Some of the Extensions help to transfer selected database contents for further processing outside the environment, some others process these contents for publishing them in the web.

The benefits of the extension modules: Import-Export Manager (IEM)

  • Bidirectional exchange of selected database contents between the database and Microsoft Excel,
  • Create new or change existing data in Excel,
  • Create PowerPoint presentations on the basis of selected graphical contents,
  • Graphical contents can be generated either as embedded Visio diagrams or as PowerPoint graphical elements. Word Reporter (WR)

  • Publishing description data and diagrams from a database to a Microsoft Word document,
  • Generation of a Table of Contents and an Index for each document. Query Builder (QB)

  • Sort and filter functions for model data according to self defined criteria,
  • Export of these data with their dependencies to each other as a query result to MS Excel. Document Composer (DocComp)

  • Publishing selected database contents (query result, object values, diagrams) into a Microsoft Word document in table, list or text block form,
  • Freely structuring a publication document to automatically create manuals and also (e.g. for Quality Management). Data Synchronizer (DS)

  • Bidirectional, total or partial synchronization between the Repository and external data sources like ODBC, XML, Web Service,
  • The synchronization can be performed both manually and automatically according to a defined time schedule. Dynamics Surestep Reporter (SSR)

  • Using a combination of models with the Gap-Fit analyze template from SureStep while implementing MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV,
  • Analyzing responsibilities of every role for every activity. Web Publisher (WP)

  • Generation of static web pages on the basis of selected descriptive data and diagrams,
  • Extensive navigation, filtering and search functions included,
  • Eligible for alternative web servers (Microsoft IIS or Apache),
  • Possibility to display the diagram approval status or to publish approved diagrams only. Enterprise Portal Server (EPS)

  • Standalone portal server with interface to the MOSS document library,
  • Up-to-date contents thanks to a permanent database connection,
  • Browser based creation, modification and deletion of descriptive contents,
  • Access control by means of an role based authorization concept. TaskManager (TaskM)

  • By means of TaskManager a connection to the Outlook exchange server is established.
  • Thereby tasks can be created at the Outlook exchange server and can be refered to the p4b objects.
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