Quality and Process Manager (QPM)

About the QPM

The Quality and Process Manager is an integrated Quality Management (QM) solution, in which the company processes as well as the (QM) documents can be versioned and fed into a multi-level custom approval workflow.
Initially, processes (from process4.biz) and documents are being developed in a workspace by authorized persons to a licensable version (intermediate states can each be versioned). Subsequently, an individual and automated approval workflow can be introduced. In this workflow, all phases (review, approval, release) are logged and the current status is represented, both in Microsoft SharePoint textually and in Nintex graphically. The transitions between the phases mentioned above can be coupled with activities (e-mail notification, Outlook task, etc.).
Only after the release of the process / document it is being provided in the employee’s portal. Due to integration of Microsoft SharePoint in the Active Directory, only authorized person’s get access.

Scope of the QPM

The range of the QPM includes the following four predefined workflows:

  • Standard release workflow for QM documents
  • Standard release workflow for processes
  • Quick release for QM documents (to quickly release a document)
  • Training and testing confirmation (a defined number of recipients must have read of the document and taken due note before it is released)

In addition, an exemplary user interface that can be customized individually, is part of the QPM. It is based on the chapters of ISO 9001 and serves as a simplified representation for your employees. Behind the various headings, you can find both your referencing process diagrams as well as the released documents. The further navigation works intuitively via attached Smart Tags in the process map or, as usual, in the SharePoint lists of documents.
If you already have a navigation structure, it can be used and integrated into the QPM.

QPM: the advantages at a glance

  • Easy to use: Due to the use of standard Microsoft technologies (SharePoint, Visio, Office) for the QPM, you benefit from continuous improvements and a consistent and familiar operating concept.
  • High acceptance by targeted information provision: During the development of QPM, special emphasis was placed on the application-oriented architecture that effectively and specifically provides the required information.
  • Reduction of organizational effort by document control: Included electronic workflows ensure that the QM Manager and all staff concerned with QM can focus on their core business. Organizational matters (who does what and when) can be left to the system.
  • Quick introduction by integration of existing intellectual property (IP): The openness of the QPM ensures that all (existing) processes and documents and other information can be integrated in the system.
  • Efficient and up-to-date: The database-driven use of process4.biz ensures that objects are stored without redundancy and are re-used in different scenarios. This leads to more efficient use of existing information that is always up-to-date. Moreover, inconsistencies will be avoided by non-redundant documents.

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