Reference model: p4b for COBIT/ITIL

The for COBIT/ITIL software package includes the Core and an additional module for the adjustment of IT related planning and organization processes in order to correspond to the standards and best practices along the requirements of COBIT and the ITIL principles. modeling of IT planning and organization processes

Analyze, model, visualize, document and evaluate the entire IT environment of a company: all this is included in the standard functions of the Core embedded in Microsoft Visio. The data is available in multi-user mode in a flexible database implemented on the basis of Microsoft’s SQL server. Previously allocated and specified data can be re-used on as many levels of the hierarchical structure as necessary, thus facilitating redundancy free modeling.

Modeling the framework has been performed in cooperation with our partner BITC and is based on the method RACI/DEMI.

Benefits of using the module for CobiT/ITIL

  • Conformity with standards and best practices defined in the frameworks COBIT and ITIL implies that the software is a highly professional support for all IT planning and organisation processes.
  • The ready-made framework can be employed as modeled by, but it can also be modified according to your needs.
  • The software includes a reporting facility that maps the relevant responsibilities with regard to activities within the IT process flow.

Detailed description for COBT/ITIL (PDF)

p4b Products and Modules: Reference Model 3, COBIT/ITIL <br>(click for enlargement)</br>