Reference model: p4b Dynamics CRM

The CRM reference model shows optimal procedures („best practices“) for processes in the CRM-relevant company divisions of marketing, sales and service. It considers the relevant involvement of CRM-processes in management, performance and support processes.

The powerful yet simple to use tools of our base-model are used for visualisations as well as analysis, further development and documentation of processes. In addition to that an interface to Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used.

Advantages of the reference model CRM

Transparent allocation of tasks between CRM and other systems

  • The reference model is also immediately usable without modifications but can be expanded at any time with company specific processes
  • The visualisation of complex dependencies between CRM and surrounding systems (ERP) ensures for more transparency
  • Based on the RACI-method, solution suggestions for the distribution of tasks and responsibilities are also included

„Best practice” process models for CRM

  • Our universal reference-model contains optimised CRM standard processes
  • The description for processes and the relevant involved systems, tasks and responsibilities are carried out multilingual
  • The model fulfils the pre-requisites for a maturity evaluation as per SPICE (ISO 15504)

Integrated documentation for Dynamics CRM

  • The from standard deviating processes are also accessible through an interface for (re)documentation
  • The linking of the model with processes into other (ideally web-based) CRM-software is possible
  • The results of a comparison between standards and deviations provide valuable input for planning and for process optimisation
  • extensions simplify adding additional documentation and support publishing on the internet