More than Tools: the

A flexible tool finishes Microsoft technologies to create a flexible and innovative process management tool, which comes in a number of new content and products. In famous Microsoft products like Visio, SQL Server technology, and office and portal solutions a highly flexible BPM tool is provided that has been awarded the "2012 Visio Award" for the most innovative product of Microsoft Visio. Partners and end users benefit from well-known user interfaces and technologies.

Improved performance through transparency

IT and consulting partners use to visualize and document their software products and industry solutions as well as to align its consulting services with business processes. Users create transparency in processes, documents, and their applications and roles, in order to work on their performance improvement.

A comprehensive portfolio provides the basis provides a solution portfolio of products, content and consulting, which serves as the ideal foundation to create those structures with which the company's performance can be increased sustainably. With this solution portfolio addresses all companies who want, on the basis of a leading technology, to create the integration of quality, process management, document management and workflow, as well as from the application management.

Particularly in the field of Microsoft technology environments supplies exceptional integration into the operational Dynamics ERP system as well as in the workflows on SharePoint. Solution Scenarios<br>(click for enlargement)</br>
2012 Partner of the Year<br>(click for enlargement)</br>