Document Management

The most efficient management of all your documents enables you to design the process-oriented controlling of your documents. Approval processes, version management and light auditing are addressed here as well as auditable and compliant storage of your documents.

  • In particular, the content search for all kinds of documents depending on your authorization level (skills of staff, responsibilities, types of servers, etc.) gives you a completely new level of transparency.
  • Full applicability of the functionality of SharePoint Document Management to the data and document types, charts and processes.
  • Workflow-based control of documents based on the defined processes.
  • Release of documents (users get the information relevant to them).
  • Easy auditing by version management and archiving functions.
  • Personalized surface without document redundancy increases the acceptance among the employees.
  • Audit-proof and compliant storage.
  • Documents of any type can be stored for each object. Such documents are subject to a history and version management.
  • The merging of process model diagrams and other types of documents with the same approval workflows is the basis of Governance and Compliance Solutions. Solution Scenario Document Management<br>(click for enlargement)</br>