Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Optimize your processes along governance requirements

With, you can shape and document your processes in accordance with the governance principles as defined at your company. For orientation and simpler implementation, provides various methods and notations (RACI, BPMN 2.0, etc.), as well as the support for framworks (COBIT 5, ITIL 3, etc.), which makes an evaluation of the requirements significantly easier.

  • A framework for risk management in particular of IT environments in data centers allows you a structured assessment of risks. This allows for better opportunities for early detection, monitoring and management through efficient controlling. All three core components of the system (risks, controls, measures) are cyclically monitored for changes to be able to react quickly and efficiently to changes.
  • supports the risk management process by ISO 27005.
  • provides the basis of a representation of a complete process model for risk management:

    • Definition of a risk strategy, as well as process-based survey of risks and controls.
    • Mapping of risks and controls, tasks and notifications.
    • Continuous evaluation and improvement.

  • Implementation of your compliance requirements with finished workflows and reports in SharePoint.
  • Identification, analysis and evaluation of risks, as well as of the derived control the communication and monitoring of the necessary measures:

    • Definition of risk in organizational units / risk managers, processes, applications, and other entities.
    • Surveillance and monitoring of risks on evaluations and reports (risk portfolio, risk - cockpit, etc.).
    • Controlling risk by definition, implementation and monitoring of measures. Solution Scenario Governance, Risk & Compliance<br>(click for enlargement)</br>