IT Management

Transparency across your IT

With you accomplish the required transparency in your growing IT infrastructure. This provides the oportunity to leverage existing optimization and cost saving potentials. To update the management of countless interfaces, applications and platforms regularly, is as great a challenge for IT management, such as the use of new technologies and IT trends (SaaS, cloud, virtualization, BYOD, etc.).

  • Deriving & change the IT architecture and application portfolio in accordance with the requirements from the business model (process model) in compliance with IT governance requirements.
  • Transparency of the systems used and their interdependencies.
  • Flexible deployment of IT in accordance with the requirements of structure and process organization.
  • Establishment of a dedicated IT risk management (what risks are and how they change).
  • Providing a reference model for deducing the IT strategy from the business model.
  • Preparation of IT development plans in the context of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and master data management initiatives. Solution Scenario IT Management<br>(click to enlarge)</br>