p4b - general information

Each organisation wanting to be permanently successful has to constantly improve structures, competitiveness and its operative achievement as well as manage change, beside its strategic work. Therefore, homogeneous and published business processes as well as consistent business process are highly important...

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Detailed description - company

Our highly motivated p4b-team is made up of professional and experienced experts responsible for software development, consulting and customer care. Our consulting partners are considered as extended team members. We offer special conditions to our vendor partners who enjoy a unique market position as distributors of our solution.

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Detailed description - p4b basic software

The basic software is a flexible modeling tool for Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Strategic IT Planning (SIP). It works on the basis of Microsoft Visio and in conjunction with SQL databases. Read this PDF to learn more about the Core.

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Detailed description - p4b for Dynamics AX

The for Dynamics AX software package consists of the basic software, an additional module with the reference model and an interface to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our software complements and optimizes the Dynamics AX functions in terms of design, visualization, and (re) documentation of standard processes.

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Detailed description - p4b Extensions

The extension modules are individually licensable products that  can be added to both the p4b basic software, as well as their variants supplemented by the additional optional modules. The common feature of all extension modules: make selected database content accessible for presentation or publication purposes or allow further processing outside the application.

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Detailed description - software

The software developed by is a specialized, database-supported tool for modeling of business processes and enterprise architectures, which also includes reference models such as COBIT and ITIL and the process model for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX. The overall solution is a modular system and can be expanded depending on the requirements.

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Detailed description - p4b for COBIT/ITIL

The module for COBIT 5 is an extension module of, which was developed in close cooperation with BITC, a content partner in the areas of IT governance and compliance. Read this PDF to learn more about for COBIT/ITIL.

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Detailed description - p4b for Dynamics NAV

The for Dynamics NAV reference model is an additional module to our diverse, easy to learn modeling software. The flexible extensible process diagrams contained in the reference model allow for complete visualization, as well as the analysis, development and documentation of the standard processes of Dynamics NAV.

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