Videos / Tutorials

The videos shown here come from a previous release and are only intended to convey the idea and the concept of the software. More recent releases as demo software, videos and other information we only provide in the premium download area after a successful registration.

Installation of

This video will guide you step by step through the installation of the software.

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process4.Web Publisher

This video presents the process4.Web Publisher to you. This is an easy web portal that will help you publishing your data and grafic models created with the p4b Basic components. Other topics are the automatic generation of webpages in HTML/SVG, publication setup, etc.

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Database Designer

Working with the Database Designer: In this video you will learn about the p4b Designer's capabilities and how to use them. Other topics include working with design objects, blocking of a unit and changing a database structure.

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SQL Server and DBConfig

In this video tutorial, you'll learn about the database-connection-configurator. The video will show you how to create new databases on an SQL server using DBConfig.

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Working with a database component by – This video is about hierarchial structures of the objects and charts in the p4b repository. Also, you'll learn about navigation windows, inheritance filter, top chart and p4b options.

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Visio Diagramm Import

How to use the function "import chart": This video tutorial will teach you how to import given Visio charts unaltered as p4b objects into the data base including attribution to the respective units. Other topics: defining import options, specifying the classes for attributing objects, etc.

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This video is about "Authorization" that allow for creating new database-users with specific rights. Also, the video shows you how to attribute additional access rights for the extentions.

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process4.Word Reporter

Transferring data and charts from the database into Microsoft Word: This video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about how to transfer content selected with the process4.Word Reporter right into a Microsoft Word document, including a list of content and an index.

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Update diagrams

This video tutorial is all about the function "Update Charts". It will show you how to transfer retroactively adaptions of the master shapes to all existing charts and how to update the automatic links.

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First Steps

What exactly is the software all about and what is it capable of? This video presents process.4biz' main functionalities. In particular, the following points will be addressed: Repository, Graphical Visio Modeler, Database Designer, Versions-Delta Report, Web Publisher, Excel import/export, PowerPoint, et. al.

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Modelling with

This video tutorial is about working with charts in Graphical Visio Modeler. It shows how to create either a new object or an object existing in the repository as a chart. In addition, the video tells you how to use the small repository and the info window for objects and charts.

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process4.Excel Import-Export & PowerPoint

Bidirectional exchange between the database and Microsoft Excel – presenting content of databases using Microsoft PowerPoint. This video will teach you about the extension process4.Excel import-export & PowerPoint Wizard (IEW).

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Manage languages

In this video you will learn how to capture describing content of data objects parallel in any desired number of languages as well as saving them for objects. And there is more: object properties, changing the operation language of GUI, and much more.

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Automatic linking

Setup of automatic links between objects: this video presents automatic links to you and shows the difference to manual links. All 6 automatic link technologies are being presented consisely.

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Upgrade database to a next release

Learn everything you need to know about the DBUpgrade Wizard! This video will show you how to carry out an automatic database upgrade up to the next release.

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